The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for those living and working in long-term care (LTC) facilities. There has been uncertainty related to managing visitors to LTC, the psychological and social impact of isolation for LTC residents, and how best to support LTC staff during this pandemic. To help support health care decision-makers facing these issues, CADTH undertook a series of literature searches. These reports are customized summaries of the results of a literature search related to topics in long-term care and, while they may have a limited application beyond this context, they provide a snapshot of the evidence at the time of the searches.

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COVID-19 Infection Risk Related to Visitors in Long-Term Care Facilities: Synopsis of Reference Search Results

Best Practices for Supporting Staff and Mitigating Concerns During the Reopening of Long-Term Care Homes: Synopsis of Reference Search Results

Psychological and Social Effects and Implications of Isolation for Long-Term Care Residents: Synopsis of Reference Search Results 

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