CADTH’s skilled Research Information Specialists have developed literature searching tools to facilitate their searching. These same tools are being shared with other Canadian and international librarians to help them conduct literature searches for topics related to COVID-19.

CADTH COVID-19 Search Strings

These search strings for topics related to COVID-19 have been developed and peer-reviewed by Research Information Specialists at CADTH. However, they have not been validated against a gold standard set of articles. Note, too, that the vocabulary and subject headings surrounding these topics are continuously changing. Individuals using these strings are therefore responsible for ensuring they are accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Specific PubMed links are included wherever possible.

CADTH COVID-19 Grey Literature Resources

A Curated List of Evidence-Based Sources for Health Professionals, Librarians, and Researchers

CADTH’s Research Information Services team has compiled this COVID-19 grey literature resource list, which highlights freely accessible evidence-based sources of grey literature on this topic. Grey literature includes government information and reports that are not published commercially and that may be inaccessible via bibliographic databases. This resource list is intended for use by health professionals, librarians, and information specialists, as well as the health technology assessment research community seeking information specific to COVID-19.

The CADTH COVID-19 grey literature resource list is organized by topic and jurisdiction. This is not an exhaustive list of COVID-19 resources. The list prioritizes Canadian resources and high-quality rapid knowledge syntheses. It will be updated regularly as new resources become available. Because of the continuously evolving nature of the internet, CADTH cannot be held responsible for occasional inaccuracies due to website changes.