Remote Monitoring Medical Devices for COVID-19: Clinical Utility and Cost-Effectiveness

CADTH conducted a Rapid Response report to search for evidence on the clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of remote monitoring medical devices for COVID-19. No relevant literature was identified for either the clinical utility or the cost-effectiveness of remote monitoring medical devices for COVID-19. Therefore, no conclusions can be drawn based on this review. Link to […]

Serological Tests for COVID-19

If accurate, antibody-based serology tests may provide information on who has COVID-19 or who has been infected. Health Canada is actively assessing these tests within the expedited access process. However, to date, the performance and role of these tests in clinical settings has not been completely demonstrated. Currently, evidence to confirm that individuals have immunity […]

Health Technology Update, Issue 27

This issue of Health Technology Update features brief summaries of information on a range of technologies that aim to support the prevention, identification, and management of COVID-19 — from smartphone apps for contact tracing to self-collected sampling for diagnostic testing. These technologies were identified through the CADTH Horizon Scanning Service as topics of potential interest […]

Pulse Oximetry Monitoring in Patients at Risk of Hypoxia: An Ultra-Rapid Review of Clinical Utility and Guidelines

CADTH conducted an ultra-rapid response report to evaluate the clinical utility of pulse oximetry monitoring (including portable pulse oximetry devices) for patients at risk of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) due to COVID-19. CADTH’s review also searched for any evidence-based guidelines. No evidence specific to COVID-19 was identified; however, four non-randomized studies of patients at risk of […]

Infrared Temperature Devices for Infectious Disease Screening During Outbreaks: Overview of an ECRI Evidence Assessment

CADTH conducted a Focused Critical Appraisal examining the methodology, scientific rigour, and findings of the ECRI Clinical Evidence Assessment on infrared temperature devices for infectious disease screening during outbreaks. Overall, at the time of the review, there was insufficient evidence to suggest that non-contact infrared temperature screening is effective for detecting infected individuals. Link to […]

Digital Stethoscope for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected Infectious Disease: Guidelines

CADTH conducted a Rapid Response report to search for evidence-based guidelines related to the use of digital stethoscopes for pulmonary auscultation in patients with suspected or confirmed infectious disease. No relevant evidence-based guidelines were identified; therefore, no conclusions can be drawn based on this review. Note that a list of other potentially relevant citations can […]

Point-of-Care Testing for Influenza

This bulletin describes point-of-care testing for influenza, including the available evidence on specific test devices. The bulletin may be of interest to decision-makers looking for quicker ways to diagnose coronavirus. Link to Report Point-of-Care Testing for Influenza