Personal Protective Equipment for Endoscopy or General Surgery in Patients with Respiratory Infections: Guidelines

CADTH conducted a Rapid Response Report to search for evidence-based guidelines regarding the use of personal protective equipment during endoscopy or general surgery procedures for patients who may have respiratory infections such as COVID-19. Two evidence-based guidelines were identified, with one specifically providing guidance on surgical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Link to Report Personal […]

Testing for COVID-19 in Correctional Facilities: Clinical Effectiveness and Guidelines

CADTH conducted a Rapid Response report to search for evidence on the clinical effectiveness of COVID-19 testing for all new admissions to correctional facilities, as well as the clinical effectiveness of mass testing (i.e., testing everyone within the correctional facility for COVID-19). CADTH also searched for any evidence-based guidelines on these topics. However, no relevant […]

Isolation Measures to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission: Clinical Evidence and Guidelines

This Rapid Response review aimed to identify available clinical evidence and evidence-based guidelines regarding home or community isolation for the prevention of COVID-19. The review did not identify any clinical evidence or evidence-based guidelines on this topic. Therefore, no conclusions can be drawn based on this review. The report includes other references of potential interest. […]

Healthy Aging

This Environmental Scan focuses on interventions promoting healthy aging and preventing frailty in older, community-dwelling adults. The scan is based on a literature review and a survey of Canadian contacts working in this area. This information may be useful to decision-makers considering those at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, including older adults. This […]